Why do I love adding a boiled egg to my salad??

Because it is such a great booster for:

1.our eyesight – lutein for sharp and clear eyesight
2. our brain- choline(B4) in eggs protects our brain ( phospholipids- ensures normal communication of brain cells and they consist of choline), very important building material of the brain; studies show by eating just 2 eggs a day we supply our brain with this unique nutrient,
3. trying for a baby- B vitamins( also B9- folic acid) take part in the formation of sex hormones so by eating eggs you increase your chance of getting pregnant
4. reduces the risk of breast cancer
5. looking younger! increases skin elasticity

Try to eat 2 eggs a day and your body will thank you for that!!! even as a snack, make a salad with an egg or have it on its own with some lettuce and a slice of wholemeal bread!

Good luck with bringing your body to the healthy and nourishing side where SMALL eating changes EVERY DAY make a HUGE difference!

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