I have graduated as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach in November 2017.   

Before you read my story, I would like to emphasize how healthy eating and right lifestyle choices have changed my thinking and brought to the point where I am now – PASSIONATE and EAGER to help anyone who would like to improve diet and lifestyle. My aim is to bring you to the point where you would be fully satisfied with your diet and lifestyle, still enjoying it and feeling great and full of energy at the same time. 

Since my teenage years, I remember going on diets, pretty strict diets like eating good few apples for dinner and supper, only! At that time, I actually had no idea what else I could do to lose some more weight as I was gaining weight quickly ( with my big appetite :-P).  I was doing well with eating less, but then eventually I was coming back to my typical eating habits, which was only causing a yo-yo effect. Therefore, I realized in my case it was pointless to starve myself and then eat twice as much. I was struggling to get a desired body shape for quite many years until the time when I started going to the gym. Only then I could deal with my appetite better by being more active.  The way exercising occupied my mind did miracles as I started to be more and more motivated to eat less. At that time, I did not really know much about eating healthily. I thought if I eat less without reducing sugar would be enough to lose weight. It WAS enough (at least I thought so for a long time) until the time when I started to suffer from awful heartburn. I did some blood tests and found out that acidity in my blood increased. I would not know what that means until the friend that was running the clinic explained me how it works and what effects on my body it can bring. Searching and reading more about it left me with no choice but to change my diet radically. Going deeper and deeper into healthy eating subject and how it can affect my body, I became more aware of how my diet and lifestyle choices can have huge impact on how I look and feel.  By becoming a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach with the help of the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin, I have become a professional in helping and coaching people so that the food and lifestyle choices they make are of great benefits to them. My aim is to spread the word and help other people choose wisely and make sensible food and lifestyle choices.