There are many simple ways we can do to improve our mood, health condition and even skin. Would you consider taking baths in salts from the Dead Sea as one of the ways?
Now I am going to prove that it is indeed very quick and cheap spa-like treatment that can be done at home but how incredibly beneficial for our skin, brain, heart, bones, joints, muscles and would you believe even cellular transformations, blood circulation system and energy level.

There are so many benefits of taking such baths that it is hard to count but not for me though because I am a huge fan of such pleasure of soaking that Dead Sea salt baths give and with such an amazing impact on health I would advise you to bring such baths into your life and simply enjoy them! That is all you have to do! This magical salt will do the rest for you!

I can not wait to tell you about the benefits. Here they are:

1. relieve sore muscles and joints thanks to high content of magnesium (up to 35% of salt comprised of magnesium chloride)-a mineral involved in more than 300 essential enzyme reactions in your body including muscle movements (relieves muscle cramps and soreness, eases the discomfort of fatigued and tense tissues) and strengthening of bones; calms symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis (improvement in morning stiffness, circumference of joints, hand-grip strength, activities of daily living);

2. improve energy level and sleep thanks to magnesium that is involved in energy production and is known for relaxing properties and calming nerves, at the same time promoting restful sleep;

3. deeply hydrate the skin and heal chronic skin conditions due to magnesium that binds to water- skin absorption and permeability is boosted; have also anti-inflammatory effect; thanks to small amounts of sulfur salts (comprise up to 0,2% of the Dead Sea salt) reduce oily appearance of the skin and clear away acne, also cleanses the surface of the skin due to its antibacterial properties; excellent exfoliator when combined with coconut oil and used as a scrub; reduces the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy; enhance skin barrier;

4. support electrolyte balance in the body thanks to potassium (makes up to 28% of the salt)-transmits electricity within the body cells fluids; essential electrolyte such as sodium (up to 8% of salt mineral content) needed for body fluid balance and transmission of nerve signals;

5. disinfect and cleanse wounds and infections;

6. improve blood circulation.

As you can see there are so many body areas that those brilliant Dead Sea salts can contribute to.

All you have to do is just take a warm bath adding a teacup of the salts to the water and enjoy it!

Soak for at least 20 minutes. First two baths soak for 10 minutes and see how your body will react to the salts from the Dead Sea. Try to have such bath at least once a week!

Do not forget to pat your skin dry rather than scrubbing dry with a towel!

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