It is so rewarding looking at my son’s smile while giving him one of his favourite fruit platter. Mango decorated with raspberries and bananas…priceless! 

Mango- so sweet and soft in texture, nearly melts in the mouth… yummy!
Would you consider it as a healthy and nutritious snack… probably not. Read the benefits under and learn more!

1. it is rich in vitamin C- important for absorption of many substances valuable for the body, for example helps in iron absorption (iron is so precious to us like gold as it is a part of the hemoglobin that transports oxygen inside the body);
supports our immune system, as this vitamin stimulates the growth and functionality of immune cells;
it has anti-oxidative properties- protects proteins and lipids against oxidation;
supports our nervous system;
vitamin C is water soluble so it goes through all the body tissues that are rich in water and by penetrating all the cells there, suppresses (stops) growing of fungi, bacterias and viruses that could ovecome the cell. Is it not amazing how miraculous it works for our body!!

2. it is rich in B vitamins- important for the nervous system, eases the nerve tension, improves mood and intellectual efficiency. We all need the support here with such a hectic and busy every day life!

3. rich in potassium- without it we might feel tired, sleepy, stressed out… it controls blood pressure, the right work of the liver and regulates the water- electrolite balance in the body.

4. rich in dietary fibre- lowers the bad cholesterol; keeps us fuller for longer so it a wonderful option for a snack.

5. a great source of vit. E- works as an antioxidant- protects our cells against the effects of free radicals- molecules that are produced when the body breaks food down.

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