Hii, I hope you are well and trying your best every day to feel better. What about your motivation? Are you doing any nutrition and/or lifestyle goals for summer? Would you like to? I am more than happy to help you make your dreams come true about improving your lifestyle and eating habits. It is easier than you think. All it takes is to believe in yourself and be guided by a professional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach!
Today I would like to speak more about vitamin A. There’s so much I could write about it but what we need to know is only a few crucial points that I am going to discuss.

Why is it such an important vitamin?

1. FAT-SOLUBLE which means when you eat food containing vitamin A you need to have some fat with it so that this vitamin is well absorbed by your body; which also means that your body will keep some for later( mostly in your liver) if you eat too much of this vitamin at once so we do not need to eat food containing vit. A every day as it can be harmful later in life , like hair loss, headaches, dizziness.

2.Provitamin A- BETA-CAROTENE – Carotenoids- come from plant foods, and are converted by our body into vitamin A, for example: sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, pink grapefruits and carrots.

3.Preformed vitamin A – Retinol- come from animal foods, like liver, milk, butter, egg yolk and mackerel.

And finally , why is it important for our body?

1.it is involved in the immune function, deficiency can make you more prone to infections,
2. it is important for our eyesight (vision maintenance), deficiency can cause dry eyes,
3. it is vital for hair growth.

So make sure you have your supply of vitamin A, by for example eating at least 5 dry apricots, a few times in a week!!!


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