Hi guys, today I would like to write a bit about such an important vitamin that is K2!
Generally we do not hear really anything about this vitamin that is so crucial for our healthy bones and healthy arteries. All we hear- eat a lot of calcium for healthy bones and avoid saturated fats for healthy artieries! Unfortunately, recent studies reckon the opposite facts that sadly doctors would not tell you because in most cases they would not even know about !!!

We need huge amounts of D3 too so that our body is supplied with this unique vitamin- not like we used to hear so far that it has been toxic in greater amounts. The amounts most doctors would talk about would be 25 micrograms (1000IU) per day for adults and 10 micrograms (400IU) for kids. However, we need sooo much more than that- studies show that the amount that is still safe for us is 10000 IU- 250 micrograms!!!
We need this vitamin because it contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, immune system and muscle function, but ALSO to the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.

Why do I mention vitamin D3 when talking about K2 vitamin??? Anybody knows?

To explain why BOTH vitamins MUST be taken together when supplementing D3, I would like to concentrate on the last benefit I have just mentioned that vitamin D3 has…

We hear more and more about the fact that the calcification of arteries is the cause of deaths in many countries. Now a big question! Why do we get calcium in the arteries in the first place??? Why does it not go straight to the bones and teeth where it is supposed to go?

Many people nowadays deal with the condition where there is not enough calcium in the bones, at the same time having a lot of calcium in the arteries?! Weird, huh?

We hear nearly everywhere that we have to drink more milk and eat more cheese for the healthy bones and to avoid osteoporosis.
Dr. Amy Lanou, the director of Doctors Comitee for Responsible Using of Medicine of Washington says clearly:

‘In countries where there is the highest amount of cases of osteoporosis, the amount of milk and calcium in foods that is consumed, is at its highest. Connection between eating a lot of dairy foods and the health condition of bones barely exists’

It happens because of the lack of vitamin K2 in the body! I am talking here about the K2, NOT K that is potassium or K1 that is crucial for blood clotting.

Obviously, bones consist not only of calcium but of over 10 other minerals:
and many other minerals in trace amounts.
That is why it is so important to eat fresh, wholesome, homemade meals with variety of vegetables every day, not processed, refined or ready to eat foods we can buy in supemarkets.

K2 activates some kinds of protein compostions that are present in our bodies but are kinda in the sleeping mood. One of the substances that are able to be waken up by K2 is OSTEOCALCIN. This substance, under the influence of K2, causes calcium to be directed straight to the bones and teeth, not the arteries where it should not be at all!

K2 activates also another protein called MGP that clears the arteries or another soft tissues that were already plaqued with calcium, getting rid of it.

The best kind of K2 for us is K2MK7( menaquinione-7) and the amount that should be taken is from 50 -100 micrograms once a day. However, if you are supplementing D3, the amount of this K2 vitamin has to be increased up to 200 or 300 micrograms per day! Has to be taken with a meal that contains fat in it as it dissolves in fat.

We get this vitamin from NATTO, fermented soybean and it is easy to buy it online or in some pharmacies, not all, I checked it myself!

This vitamin shows the beneficial action in areas like:
1. ageing
3. heart disease
5.getting pregnant and while pregnant
6.men fertility
6.healthy teeth
7.Alzheimer’s disease
8. diabetes

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