Now I would like to tell you a bit about studies done . Have you heard about an illness arteriosclerosis? I am sure many of you have. It is a chronic disease where arteries get slowly blocked and their elasticity is lowered, which is why more and more people have heart attacks and strokes because not enough blood getting to heart or brain! Scarry?? Indeed… Doctors blame Saturated fat for it and so the cholesterol (we leave the cholesterol issue for another post, hopefully a very interesting and fascinating one, can not wait to tell you more about it) !

I have a good news!!!! The myths about the animal fats DISPROVED!!! New studies show that in atherosclerotic plaque over 12 substances were found but there was not even a mark of SATURATED FATS! We were told for many years that these fats are very bad for us and we should lower the consumption to the minimum! That is the sad truth! We were alerted to the fact even though the tests that were done in the past were far from precision and accuracy! Funny?! Not really!
Saturated fats have been blamed for the arteriosclerosis for ages, but what the new studies showed is that , among other things, are the DAMAGED OMEGA 6 fatty acids – called POLYUNSATURATED FATS( great source is sunflower oil) that were found in the atherosclerotic plaque. Surprised? I was…
What terrible thing we do every day??? We heat the refined oils again, oxidize them causing more free radicals to be created.

But what we are constantly told about by doctors and media? Increase the vegetable fats- they are sooo good for us! Are they???

Well, they are BUT in their natural form, NOT heated to a very high temperature over 150’C and EVEN more, depending on the stage of refining, where hexane is used which is a solvent( classified as dangerous! with side effects like: could be damaging to lungs in case of swallowing, hexane fumes are damaging to throat and gut, can make you feel dizzy and sleepy with headaches ), WITHOUT ANY CARCINOGENIC SUBSTANCES, like acroleins. Were you told that the refined, hydrogenated vegetable fats that we can buy in shops are the worst, the most dangerous fats we can put into our mouths? I do not think so!

Why is it like that? Anybody knows? Why do media promotes the frying oils, so healthy(so they say), rich in vit. E and Omega 3, even though those oils were brought to a very high temperature to prolong their shelf life and to increase their heating point( so that they do not burn quickly on the pan when brought to a high temperature) and carcinogenic acroleins were created because of it. It gives profit to many oil producing companies. What was the point of making such oils in the first place as we have plenty of the animal fats in the world that can be used for frying, safe for our bodies, they are natural, do not oxidize, no acroleins,no free radicals created where if too many the body are very bad for the general health!

– we can not exist without fat!
– absorbs fat -soluble vitamins (dissolve only in fat), such as A, D, E and K,
– builds cell membrane
– essential for the normal brain and eye sight function
– thermal isolation ( keeps us warm)
– great source of energy

Would you use any of the animal fats for frying? Would you consider lard- pork fat, goose fat, duck fat as the fat to introduce in your kitchen??? Why not? Give it a go!

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